Pure formula — taking care of the family and nature

Eco-friendly household chemicals from Japan

Safe for

by Eurolos™

Hiddo: for those who care about the composition!

The products are safe for adults, children, animals and the environment. We do not use perfumes and dyes – the products are suitable even for allergy sufferers!

We use a Japanese formula that makes our product 100% biodegradable. It is not only ecological, but also practical: the gel can be used for washing surfaces, and for processing fruits and vegetables.

A universal and safe detergent

Suitable for all surfaces in the house. Take care of your loved ones together with Hiddo – use an absolutely ecological product!

Absolutely organic composition
without chlorine, phosphates and carcinogens

Gels do not harm the environment and human health at all stages of production.

Suitable for all
types of septic tanks

The products are compatible with both Eurolos™ septic tanks and septic tanks from other manufacturers.

and biodegradable products

Hiddo is completely decomposed and does not harm nature. It is safe for the environment.

Created according to a unique formula
straight from Japan

We took as a basis the experience of Japanese manufacturers, who were able to skillfully combine ecological safety and efficiency in one formula.

High concentration
and degree of purification

The products are easily foamed and remove even the most persistent dirt. Economical consumption.

and easily washable products

The abundant foam is easily removed with plain water. Hiddo takes care of sensitive skin.


ECO certificate

State registration certificate


ECO certificate

State registration certificate


For washing

Hiddo "Mountain freshness". Delicate aroma of mountain air for the freshness of your clothes.


Saves color



For washing dishes

Hiddo "Golden orange" with light notes of citrus for crystal clear dishes.

Does not dry
the skin of the hands

Removes fat
in cold water

You can wash
children's dishes

and vegetables

Safe for autonomous sewerage, recommended by Eurolos™